Always projecting for the future.

During the first half of the twentieth century, two brothers Pedro and Bautista Guarino founded what is now Naranjales Guarino, which is located on the Uruguayan coast, an area of fertile ground, vital to maintain the incomparable taste of citrus and vegetables that are produced there.

Guarino brothers are advancing the management of the company with a long-term vision and a great insight. His young descendants keep the same direction, characterized by the constantly updating and incorporation of new technology.


The mode of organization as a family business offers many when making decisions and streamline the performance of the company. Year by year Guarino has been modernizing its infrastructure with active and qualified employees in both cultivation and harvesting, as well as the distribution and sale of the products.

Certified Quality!

We have two packing plants in constant work. One aims at the exportation of our products and the other one aims at the internal market, in addition to another shop located in the “Mercado Modelo” (Montevideo) for logistics with supermarkets.

Our farms are periodically registered and certified by GLOBALG.A.P, whose rules –accepted throughout Europe- endorse the rigorous care for food safety, sustainable methods of production and welfare of workers.

We are issued with other international recognized accredited certifications and accepted quality review conducted by a large number of private companies, being WARMART one of them.


In the production process we focus on the fertigation system, tecnified system that allows a more efficient management in the use of fertilizers applied to the ground for nutrition throughout its development cycle.

The crops, very close to the packaging requirements, count with selected, prepared and trained employees to ensure optimum harvest, avoiding bumps and assuring proper care of citrus. At the end of the process of the product, the packing for exportation is conducted by the Maf RODA Optiscan IV machinery and IDEA packers of last generation.


Taking sustainable development as a priority. Given the great importance of controlling the pests worldwide, the company, on a regular basis, trains its staff in the responsible handling of phytosanitary measures, compliance with the highest quality standards.

This is a long-term commitment and a fundamental part of company's policy.

In addition to external regulations, there is a rigorous internal control, in an effort to raise awareness among workers about the importance of the environmental care, minimizing certain residues in production and packaging.